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Regulating vehicle flow for a sustainable Formentera

01 / July / 2020
31 / August / 2020

Special conditions

The following groups can obtain seasonal authorisation subject to special conditions.


  • Formentera residents
  • Owners of second homes on Formentera
  • Eivissa residents employed on Formentera
  • Individuals with reduced mobility


  • Official or Public Service
  • Public interest services
  • Industrial machinery
  • Classic / historical vehicles


  • Based on Formentera
  • Freight companies
  • Rental vehicles

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Sustainable Formentera

A project aimed at ensuring Formentera continues to be the island that visitors and residents expect to find, today and in the generations to come.


  • Safeguard Formentera's summertime tranquility and alleviate strain on local roads.
  • Maintain a balance between tourism and everyday lives of islanders.
  • Build awareness about the importance of supporting sustainable modes of tourism that preserve the island's ecological and economic stability.

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